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Alfred D. Kohn

Dr. Alfred Kohn was born on March 24, 1868 in the city of Chicago.  In his younger years, Kohn had many troubles with his health that threatened his life.  After those complications, he earned an undergraduate degree at Harvard University, and went on to study at The University of Chicago at the graduate level.  Between his times at Harvard and The University of Chicago, Kohn studied abroad, which helped him become a more efficient physician in his field.  Kohn then graduated from Rush University with his PhD, and went right into work after that.  Kohn passed away with an unspecified illness on December 2, 1909.

Kohn is known for his drive and ambition in the hospitals and labs that he worked in.  It was because of him that so many discoveries were made because he would seize to give up until there was a certain result that he could document.  He began to specialize in nutrition and the gastro-intestinal tract, which is why he is famous and known today.

Kohn’s direct impact on Chicago is that he was on the Board of Education in Illinois.  His presence on the board improved the sanitation of the schools, and helped implement the schools’ first nutrition plan in the Chicago Public Schools.  His studies in tuberculosis also were detrimental, as well as his main focus of hygiene in the public schools, which was a very common problem with children during those times.  It is in part due to Dr. Kohn that the Chicago schools are a much safer place for children to learn and to eat.



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