Bria’s Photos (Armstrong & Goldblatt)

Goldblatt looked to be in a worse shape than Armstrong, since more doors and windows were boarded up. The stone walls give a reminder of the age of the school, revealing that it was an older school. With that in mind, it saddened and disappointed me that they would close a school like this. These schools stood for so long, only now to be abandoned and crumbling. It was just to disappointed to see Goldblatt not being utilized, it is just rotting away.

Worm’s eye view of Goldblatt’s stone walls.

The inside of Armstrong had a very eerie feel to it, since the ceilings were crumbling and classrooms were empty and dark. When looking inside, I couldn’t help but notice the streaks of light pouring in from some of the unboarded windows. They gave the lonely, rotting classrooms a glimmer of hope since they shined brightly. It was also disappointing to see these lonely classrooms since we are usually used to seeing a classroom full of children and life.


Inside of Armstrong’s empty classrooms.


This rusty lock found at Goldblatt adds to the aging and decaying of the school. It conveys how Goldblatt, as well as the other 48 schools, will be locked away forever, never to return. When I first laid eyes on it, another wave of sadness came over me since it reminded me that it was a lock never to be opened again.

A rusty lock found at Goldblatt.

Depth of field of a rusty lock found at Goldblatt.


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