West Side Schools (Miguel)

When I saw the water on the roof I felt like this place was hit by an atomic bomb because it seemed so dirty and run down and nobody wants to take care of it leaving the water on the roof to drip inside the school and rust the metal. Before Goldblatt was closed it had a fallout shelter inside. Having the school closed there is no way to get inside the shelter if the doors are boarded up. When the school closed i don’t think people would want to see what was inside so they boarded up the window that had a railing blocking entry. This place was abandoned after the closing. The space could’ve been used to make a park. Many schools are abandoned after a school closing leaving empty useless space that I believe can be used for parks or other buildings.


Water at Goldblat Elementary School

Water on the roof of Goldblatt Elementary School after days of rainy weather

Close Goldblat school that had a fallout shelter

Cps closed Goldblatt school that had a fallout shelter,making it useless

Over Protect Goldblat Elementary school by boarding up windows

People over Protect Goldblatt Elementary school by boarding up windows that have bars around it

When I first saw Armstrong the whole place seemed like a place that just had a war because of all the dust and broken playground equipment were gone. There was trash surrounding the school. On one of the side of the school the windows had rusty railings and dirty windows. The cement floor had been destroyed by tree roots, and we found what seemed like a bone under the cement floor. In front of the school there was a  clear window that showed a room with what seemed to be an oven in front of it. A reflection on that window showed one of the neighborhood houses. The house was in what seemed to be a good neighborhood with a good looking school. Armstrong probably was closed for how many students were in a classroom as well as low-funding from CPS.

Handle Bar at Armstrong Elementary School (Probably bitten by a dog)

Broken handle Bar at Armstrong Elementary School this was the only one in the whole playground
(Probably bitten by a dog)

Reflection of a room

Reflection of a room

Bottles at Armstrong Elementary School

Bottles at Armstrong Elementary School

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