Isaik B.

We visited two different schools named Nathaniel Pope and Von Humboldt. The first photo was taken in Nathaniel Pope, there was so much glass. There were only a few windows that were boarded up. We talked to a child nearby the school and he told us that there was a teacher from that school living around the neighborhood, he said they were lighting fireworks and she came by and told them not to because they could burn down the playground and such. This shows that even after being closed for two¬†years, some people actually do care about the school closings. The second picture took place in the playground of Von Humboldt, there was lots of glass but it was mostly in corners of the school. Von Humboldt was huge, it had two playgrounds and a really big parking lot. The school wasn’t boarded up as much as it was in Nathaniel Pope. The third picture was part of Von Humboldt’s neighborhood.


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